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everyone is Free to Flourish

You’re invited to create a world where caregivers of children with neurobiological challenges are both equipped and inspired.

As an ambassador, you may be looking for help or assistance on your own journey, want to be trained or receive information to help others, or simply believe in our mission and want to stay informed and be a part in some way. Regardless of why you chose to become an ambassador, thank you for helping us create a world where people with neurobiological challenges have a clear path to thrive despite the obstacles they face.

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What does being an Ambassador look like?

Becoming a Free to Flourish Ambassador can be as simple as putting a sticker on your water bottle or becoming more engaged depending on your interest level. Enrolling in the Ambassador program does a few things:

You’ll receive a free sticker in the mail (while supplies last) that you can strategically use to create awareness OR use your sticker to remind yourself of your commitment to creating a world where everyone is Free to Flourish.

You’ll also be enrolled to receive updates about how you can support the Free to Flourish mission.

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