What can we learn about flourishing from Amy? Everything.

Forthcoming Book: Free to Flourish

Amy O’Dell’s book, Free to Flourish, is based on decades of research on the brain and the scientific principle of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to grow and change. Free to Flourish showcases Amy’s revolutionary approach to human flourishing that can help you, and those you love, reach their full potential. This book chronicles Amy’s first-hand experience and stories from years of creating breakthroughs for children and families across the world.

Free to Flourish, a revolutionary path to flourishing through the union of science and love, exists to…

  • Equip and inspire individuals whose lives have been affected by, or inspired to impact, children dealing with neurobiological delays or disorders with the hope needed for these children to go from sadly forgotten by society to deeply loved.
  • Give people with neurobiological delays or disorders a new path to hope, healing, and transformation amidst the obstacles they face

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