Imagine a world where
everyone is Free to Flourish

Amy O’Dell has paved a revolutionary path to flourishing through the union of science and love

You’re invited to imagine a world where caregivers of children with neurobiological challenges are both equipped and inspired.

Imagine a world where people with neurobiological challenges have a clear path to thrive despite the obstacles they face.

Imagine a world where everyone is free to flourish

You are living but
are you flourishing?

As Amy’s gift to you, download 10 Foundational Truths for Caregivers of Children with Neurobiological Delays for free. This guide will help you identify how you can best care for yourself and your child, equipping you with the first steps to take on the path towards flourishing.

Over Three Decades of Hope & Healing

The future of neurobiological healing is here.

Amy O’Dell is a once-in-a-generation leader and healthcare innovator on a quest to change the way the world addresses neurobiological delays and disorders. In a world that consistently tells us there is only one, or no, path forward for individuals with neurobiological challenges, Amy is carving out a new path on the foundation of authentic leadership and love that will impact generations to come.

Transformation through Science and Love

Amy founded Jacob’s Ladder, a school and research center for children with neurobiological challenges. She has also worked diligently to make her methodology accessible across the globe through the digital platform, AHAVA. Amy, alongside her dedicated team of professionals, demonstrates that healing comes at the intersection of science and love.

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Hope is tangibly real.
Human flourishing is possible.

A Crisis of Hope

What Amy O’Dell brings to the world of neurodevelopmental challenges demands a second look by caregivers, medical professionals, and scientists. The impact of hope and love within those clinical approaches cannot be overstated.

There is perhaps no one more vulnerable among us than those with neurological challenges. Amy’s framework is a gift to those who are holding out hope that a better life and future are possible. Amy beautifully acknowledges that those with neurodiversity can offer much to those of us who are neurotypical.