About Amy

Amy knows what it feels like to have an unexpected turn of events dramatically shift life’s course, and she knows what it’s like to weather a storm in the face of significant adversity.

Amy founded Jacob’s Ladder, an accredited, non-profit school and research center, and AHAVA, a digital platform for human flourishing, because she was determined that if there were no paths towards hope, she’d create one. Her hope came hard-won after a long battle to give her son the best shot at life she could. When Amy’s son, Jacob, was diagnosed as an infant with extensive developmental delay, she found it difficult to find guidance to help him thrive. So, Amy built upon her therapy and counseling background to extensively study neurodevelopment and related interventions.

Based on decades of research of the brain and the scientific principle of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to grow and change — she developed a revolutionary approach to human flourishing that can help you, and those you love, reach your full potential. Amy fiercely believes that healing comes at the intersection of science and love.
She has experienced the power of this methodology in action in her own life and has seen it transform the lives of thousands of others who had little to no hope remaining. However, it’s important to Amy that it’s not her story that is remembered, but rather the stories of the brave children and adults who have experienced healing.

Read these stories of hope and know that transformation is possible.

Free to Flourish Manifesto:

We believe when the world tells you there is no path forward, you can create your own.

We believe everyone deserves an environment that enables them to do more than merely survive.

We believe every human being has purpose.

We believe no one is beyond repair.

We believe everyone is capable of deep, vigorous growth.

We believe everyone is worthy of bold, extravagant love.

We believe in science.

We believe science cannot reach its full potential when it is not paired with love.

We believe in the union of science and love.

We believe that individuals with neurobiological delays, disorders, and challenges have much to contribute to the world; they are worthy of being seen.

We believe in equipping and empowering caretakers; they are also worthy of being seen.

We believe hope is alive.

We believe that lasting transformation is possible.

We believe that everyone should be free to flourish.

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